Wilanow Palace

Situated in the Wilanow District, Poland, we feature another popular attraction in Warsaw, Poland, the Wilanow Palace.


Brief History

The Wilanow Palace was built in the nineteenth century for then Polish King John III Sobieski.  Years after his death, the palace was purchased by private owners and was constantly being renovated until World War II, when it was badly damaged.  After the war, it was reconstructed and publicly re-opened in the 1960s and now is a popular attraction in Warsaw, featuring a collection of works of art, a garden and park.



The museum holds a number of collections including paintings, decorative arts, sculpture and prints.  Paintings include studio replicas of works by Master Batoni, The Battle of Vienna, by Pauwel Casteels, and some portraits.



The 45-hectare park is a mix of several gardens including a Baroque garden, a neo-Renaissance rose garden and an English-Chinese landscape park.


For more information about the park, check here: http://www.wilanow-palac.pl/en/palac/your_visit.

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