Warsaw Nightlife

Warsaw, Poland is a city that has come so far from where it once was to become the trendy and hip city that it is today. Warsaw is the capitol city of Poland with a population of 2.2 million. It was a city that took some serious damage from the Germans in World War II. Over 90% of the city was demolished during the war, but it has been on the rise ever since with the help of the rest of Europe as well as investments that were made in the 90’s that helped build up the current Warsaw skyline. However, if you are visiting Warsaw then the history of the city isn’t quite as important as knowing where to go when the sun goes down and lights go up. Warsaw has more of a high class clubbing scene, much more so than other Eastern European cities.

Before you head out to your Warsaw nightlife adventure, make sure you are looking sharp and put on your classiest game face. Polish people are extremely friendly and Polish girls are exquisitely charming, so if you make sure to look nice you are guaranteed to make some great new Polish friends during your Warsaw nightlife excursion.

Warsaw Nightlife – Clubs

The center of the city is where you will find some of the classiest bars and nightclubs such as Paparazzi and Eve. These spots are heavily frequented by locals, so if you are looking for a more tourist friendly spot to enjoy yourself then a club like Klubokowiarnia might be more up your alley. It is located in a more touristy spot in Warsaw and it claims to be one of the “hippest places in the city.” This is a great club where you’ll find lots of singles out on the dance floor. The club closes at 6am, giving you plenty of time to make some friends and get to know some people.

If the fancy nightlife style just isn’t your thing then there are some other alternatives that you might find suit your liking more than the high end clubs of central Warsaw. There are artistically hip spots around the city like Kulturana, Plan B, and Powiekszenia. There is no need to put on your Sunday best for these clubs. A t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans will suffice here. And then if you want to go out for something far more interesting there are clubs like Fabryka Trzciny and Saturator that you can find in old shut down factories and old warehouse buildings. Check these out if you want more of a unique nightlife experience.

There are plenty of other clubs in Warsaw that are surely worth checking out. The best idea would be to have a local guide that you can consult about where to go and where to avoid. Just always remember that if you are visiting Warsaw from out of the country just to be aware and be careful. Be wary of taxi driver scams and the less tourist-friendly locals that you may bump into at some of these clubs. Of course, Warsaw is by no means a dangerous place so just practice spatial awareness, don’t make a fool of yourself, and have a good time.


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